Need to Recover Electronic Evidence or do you require Litigation Support for your investigation?

At Sai Sales Infotech, we provide a gamut of IT Forensic Services to our clients including large and small scale industries, SMBs, Corporates, Manufacturing companies, Software development and medical organizations, Telecommunications, Finance, Individuals and solo businessmen. Sai Sales Infotech is renowned as the leading IT Forensic Recovery Specialists Mumbai-wide.

Our data loss recovery team utilizes their skills, expertise, knowledge as well as technology to recover evidence, which would have been damaged, corrupted or erased deliberately. Our forensic recovery specialists can access the media to gather appropriate evidence for supporting your investigation.


  • Our forensic recovery specialists can recover lost data from all types of digital devices and gadgets.
  • We are the leading providers of IT Forensic Services in Grant Road and Mumbai-wide.
  • Our state of the art labs enable us to conduct and offer extensive forensic recovery services.
  • We can offer help and assistance in IP theft cases, criminal cases, civil litigation cases, as well as patent infringement cases.
  • We have all the requisite hardware and software tools for conducting IT forensic examinations for producing crucial evidence related to different cases.
  • We can also offer expert testimony and witness services as and when required by our clients.


In order to provide you with the most appropriate and well-analyzed forensic report to our clients, we follow a strict code of conduct and forensic evidence gathering procedure. Once we have successfully established the entire purpose of investigation, we search for the best way to preserve as well as analyze the data. We use advanced techniques, tools, software and hardware for gathering all the necessary evidence.

When it comes to providing IT Forensic services, our team takes all the necessary steps to ensure that all the lost or corrupted data is recovered quickly and securely.. Apart from this, we also provide well printed and documented forensic reports wherein all the locations pertaining to the evidences are tagged appropriately. Depending upon their requirements, clients can verify all the images stored in the media and check the exact location of the evidence. What more…… We can also provide you with a complete timeline, which enlists the time and reason behind the events and location where they occurred.

Feel free to get in touch with us and learn more about our IT Forensic services, Data Recovery and Disk Recovery services!