FAQ's on Data Loss
Help and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hardware & System Errors 30
  • Human Errors 29
  • Software problems 24
  • Natural Disasters 10
  • Viruses 07

SAI SALES INFOTECH is proud of its-- 99 PERCENT SUCCESS RATE capability of recovering data loss due to:
  • Head Crash
  • Electrical Failure
  • Bad fat Table
  • Zero track bad
  • Bad Partition
  • Computer Viruses
  • Password loss— we make recovery of password protected files for which password has been lost or forgotten.
  • Media transfer— we also conduct media transfer when hdd doesn’t detect so we need to transfer the platter or needle for the same. However in this, original media drive will not returned because its dismantled . We will keep you informed through every step. We will not perform any tasks on your drive without your authorization.
    • Logic Problems – such as destroyed partition tables, boot sectors and file allocation tables.
    • User Error – such as accidental or intentional data deletion or corruption.
    • An electrical problem such as a printed circuit failure or a mechanical failure such as a head crash problem.
    • Data recovery was attempted by an unqualified company.
    • Asoftware problem such as bad partition tables or fat tables or crashed netware volumes,etc.
    • Software applications stop loading data.
    • Hard disk drive stops spinning.
    • An error message stating, “File not found.”

    Data Loss Prevention is being used together with other protection tools to secure private data and decrease the risk of it being affected. This allows secure both the details that our company is in cost of as well as the Sai Sales Infotech group from the consequences of losing private data.

A: DLP is an automated monitoring system that continually watchescomputer activity on the Sai Sales Infotech system and on desktop and computer systems. Data Loss defends private data by determining and obtaining it to avoid protection plan offenses and sustain regulatory conformity.

A: If DLP finds private data, it instantly banners it for further research. If the data identified as private, DLP may then inform you. In some situations data loss will quit the circulation of data-e.g., if an e-mail containing private details is sent to an unsuitable receiver, data loss may be used to momentarily or completely avoid that E-mail.

A: DLP should not considerably effect or reduce the submission of your email.

A: Data Loss Prevention is a top quality function. To add it to your new or current ePrism Email Protection buy, please talk with your EdgeWave Associate.

These are the features of DLP:
  • Protect privacy – Discover, monitor and prevent confidential data loss—on or off the network
  • Secure intellectual property – Identify, monitor, and protect critical company assets—on or off the network
  • Comply with regulations – Implement controls for protection, visibility, and enforcement
  • Discover data – Find sensitive data on laptops, desktops, and servers, using data discovery
  • Identify broken processes – Identify and mitigate risky business processes that put your enterprise at risk
  • Detect data-stealing malware – Identify keyloggers, spyware, Trojans, botnets, and hidden FTP processes that attempt to collect and steal data