FAQ's on Printers
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Follow the instructions in the manual or under your printer cover.

FAQ’s ON PRINTERS Some printers have a paper selector for changing the paper width. Please ensure that you choose the correct setting as per your manual. Paper dust can also gather on the paper rollers this may require a simple service cleaning.

The best factor to do with refills when you are done is to deliver them to a position that does container remanufacturing. Often the maker will do this, sometimes with no price to deliver the cartridge back again. It is also excellent to examine your regional results for locations that are dedicated to this assistance. These locations will often have refurbished refills on the market, and may even provide you with a little bit for your empty refills. Easy reloading of toner is not suggested as skin toner itself is very unpleasant and there are other areas that should be changed consistently in the cartridge.

Go to the Photo printers selection by going to: Begin -> Configurations -> Photo printers. To set the standard printing device, right simply select the symbol for the printing device you want as the standard. On the selection that comes up choose set as standard.

The drum is not being billed. The charger corona cable is probably damaged or not creating excellent electric get in touch with. The charger corona cable may be aspect of the toner cartridge. Try removing and re-installing the skin toner cartridge. If that does not perform, try another toner cartridge

Ink Jet printers run through a cleaning cycle before the printer will load the first page. This cycle is necessary for the printer to function properly. Do not interrupt the cycle or the printer will go into an even longer cleaning cycle. Extended cleaning cycles are also caused by not using the power button to shut down (ie. turning off your entire system at one time by turning off the power bar.